2013 Summer Camp Information

  • This year the 2013 CV field hockey team is planning on going to the East Coast Field Hockey Camp at Susquehanna University. Please following the link below to read more information and to sign up. We will be attending Team Camp: Second Session (July 28-August 1). Make sure when you sign up, you choose the correct team camp. More information is also provided below.


1. Go onto our website: www.eastcoastfieldhockey.com
2. Go under summer camps
Here they can look through the list of all our summer camps and choose the team camp by number
3. On the right it says “sign up”
4. Fill out the form and that’s all there is.
I suggest your players fill out all the information to include their bio’s etc. as college coaches has links to this site and can go in and look at a players profile, get players contact info and your players can even post video clips. We have college coaches going into our site weekly, all year round. It has been very useful for them. And if one of your players only wants her name and address, the normal camp info, on her page, she can just put that on the sign up page. I have teams from last year whose players have been updating their info regularly and it has been a very useful tool for them.


High School Team Camp 2
07/28/2013 - 08/01/2013 | Susquehanna University, PACOLLEGE AMBITIONS: The Best of Both Worlds – Incredible College Exposure plus effective, modern hockey’s “world-class” training.
East Coast Field Hockey has teamed up with Collegeambitions, a professional, state-of-the art, college oriented coaching, scouting and recruiting network, providing training in all facets of field hockey focused on maximizing player and team exposure and performance in preparation for the principal short team objective of the high school hockey season and longer term objectives focused on preparation for collegiate hockey. By combining East Coast Field Hockey's "world class" training with a professional college oriented recruiting service organization, we are not only going to provide you with the same modern, top level field hockey instruction which you are accustomed to receiving from East Coast Field Hockey, but you'll also become even more connected in your recruiting process that ever before. You'll receive more for your investment of time and money in summer camp than anyone could possibly imagine.